Advisory & Consulting Services

CharTerra is pleased to provide advisory and consulting services with expertise in biochar regulations, technology, marketing, and relationships with producers.

CharTerra advocates the adoption of premium biochars in agricultural practices to promote living soils and increasing soil productivity in Alberta and western Canada.

CharTerra is pleased to work with First Nations and Metis organizations to support environmentally and economically sustainable projects in their communities.

  • Our expertise includes Canadian biochar regulations, bioenergy technology optimization, enhancing biochar related products, marketing, and biochar production systems optimization.
  • We understand the evolving biochar landscape in Canada and can help you in planning and designing your bioenergy projects.
  • We understand the opportunities for community and municipalities to enhance their waste optimization programs through the strategies of minimizing waste, source separation of waste materials, troubleshooting facility operations and enhancing bottom line economics.
  • We understand biochar quality standards and can help you navigate the technology selection process to reduce capital costs and position your organization as a premier biochar producer.
  • We understand the need for optimizing and preselling carbon credits to optimize revenues and reduce operating costs from conception through to full operation.
  • We understand the need for client confidentiality and ensure that their proprietary information is respected and maintained.