Balancing Carbon in Soils and the Atmosphere

Experience the Benefits of Biochar

Quickly increase soil organic carbon content to boost your soil and plant health.

Simulates and protects beneficial microbes

Stimulates and protects beneficial microbes.

Helps retain moisture and nutrients

Helps retain moisture and nutrients.

Increases Cation Exchange Capacity

Improves plant nutrient uptake by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity

Increases Soil Pliability

Increases your soil's pliability.

A little goes a long way and lasts lifetimes.

Biochar Enhances Soils

CharTerra is pleased to help you source premium biochars and provide guidance to project developers in the production of the best biochars in western Canada. Optimizing biochars and their screened size ensures best performance in greenhouses, vertical farms, and agricultural applications.

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance

CharTerra embraces ESG principles in all its business practices.

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