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Newsletter No. 19 – Hello and Welcome to CharTerra!

We are eager to tell you about our changes, but more importantly, we want to know more about you and how we can help you, the serious biochar advocate, gardener, farmer or specialty biochar user.

In order to serve you better, CharTerra is focusing on premium biochars and larger product sizes, as this will be more economical for you the serious biochar user. Rob Lavoie, the founder of AirTerra is our Marketing Advisor, and he has a wealth of knowledge to share through our website and enquiries. My new role as President will include responding directly to your requests for products and biochar consulting needs. We are working with our suppliers and will soon be able to provide you with biochars for your 2023 spring planting needs.

Now, how about you? We want to know more about how you intend to use biochar this year so we can serve you better. Please tell us your story or your questions through our Contact Us page.

What best describes you and your interest in biochar? Are you a:

  • Novice – interested in learning more about biochar’s wonderful soil benefits and how to use it?
  • Serious Gardener – Interested in biochar for soil benefits and co-composting garden waste?
  • Greenhouse or Vertical Farm Operator – Interested in biochar blended soil products?
  • Cattle or other Large Animal Producer – Interested in co-composting manures with biochar?
  • Municipal Composter – Interested in quantity biochar products for co-composting?
  • Agricultural Food Producer – Interested in quantity biochar or blended products?
  • Land Restoration Company – Interested in biochar blended soil products?
  • Other – The above categories just don’t seem to be a good fit?

The CharTerra Mission is to provide compelling agricultural regenerative solutions through the sale of biocarbon products, carbon credits, and consulting services, with a Vision of enhancing biological living soils for healthy plants, pure water, and nutritious food.

CharTerra has a great team of advisors who are specialists and professionals in their fields. They have a passion for biochar and contribute greatly to the applications, markets, and development of safe environmentally friendly biochars. Their profiles are highlighted on our About CharTerra webpage and I encourage you to learn more about them. Rob Lavoie of course is included as one of our trusted advisors.

We at CharTerra look forward to serving you, our customers, and invite you to connect with us through our Contact webpage. Please share your insights and needs for biochar as we approach the spring planting season. We encourage you to check out the valuable information on our website and through the International Biochar Initiative at

Don Harfield



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